Wednesday, 23 March 2016

APP6 icons in FPGE

The FPGE 0.7.5 got improved support for recoloring standard PG tiles into three schemes:

  • green
  • green with some colors
  • gray
The same options give you ability to change icons into APP6 symbols. The symbols are drawn in FPGE code.
One can trigger this mode by using command line :

-Q use APP6 symbols for units. PGF mode only. Change tiles color on request.
  Use any of : c-make tiles with colors        n-do not color tiles.
  Use any of : g-make tiles gray (default is green).
  Use any of : u-do not make units icons.

Try some combinations like:
fpge -Qc 36
fpge -Qg 36
fpge -Qcg 36

Previous versions of FPGE also got some support of this feature however not so complete as 0.7.5

The results:

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