Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Fast tiles renaming in FPGE

The FPGE supports fast tile renaming using the following technique. This technique can be used to rename rivers, lakes, oceans, forest, or even for substituting tiles in the region.

Try to achieve the following filtering by pressing:
Ctrl-A few times - display terrain names
Ctrl-D - change display format (decimal number, hex numer or name)
Ctrl-T - display terrain type
Ctrl-F - show only tiles that match type, name, etc of the tile under cursor when pressing ctrl-f.
When lost you can always use Ctrl-I - restore default configuration.
Check other options in help (shortcut h)

Now let's go the "terrain" window:

Check "Set to" -> "Name", "Match"-> "Name", uncheck "Add default name and type".
Enter 4 in row "Name", column "Match". 4 is a default name "River".
This settings can be read:
when time name is "River" change name to 473 ("Tigris River").

Now press "Name" button to search for name:

First uncheck "Only scenario name". You can use "Search name" with "Find" and "Find next" buttons to find desired name. You can also turn on alphabetical sorting (check/uncheck "Sort names").
Select "Tigris River", press "Done".
The number 473 will be copied to row "name", column "Set to".

Press "Done".

Change visual filters to get numbers and check if "4" ("River")is the desired name to change. Then press left mouse button on one river tile then move mouse, hold "shift" button and press left mouse button again. All tiles in the rectangle you have just select that had name "4" will be renamed to name "473". The newly renamed tiles will be filtered out.

The rectangle renaming is not a mandatory, you can just click one tile by another. The "if name equals to XX then rename to YY" feature will also work.

Now place cursor on one of the newly renamed tiles and press Ctrl-f twice (and Ctrl-D twice to get the exactly same result as below):

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